The Sage Story

Many years ago (think early 2000’s) a young 20 something girl got interested in natural medicine after working for a chiropractor and being exposed to a “different” approach to “healthcare”.

Said girl spent many years trying to follow various paths that could lead her into a career in a natural health profession, such as an all natural compounding pharmacist – fate however, had other plans, as she would find out much later.

In the meantime she spent hours in natural grocery co-ops shopping, scouring labels for “clean and green personal care products” from all manner of online retailers, reading natural healthcare books (ironically, written by N.D.’s now looking back) and trying to “treat” herself naturally with products she would find at places like Community Pharmacy in downtown Madison when she did get sick.

Fast forward almost 20 years, and this girl is now Dr. Whitney Cronin, N.D – owner and naturopathic doctor of her private practice Holistic Home Health and Wellness. Fate showed her the light in this career field. She was finally able to meld her passion for cleaner, safer home, personal, and beauty care products with a professional career. (Sidenote: the baby part came a few years later : )

She had found something she was passionate about and wanted to share with the world. So, after birthing two beautiful healthy little boys of her own (naturally, at home with a midwife) while building a successful natural health practice over the last 6 years, she decided to have a third baby to share with everyone else – The Sage Apothecary.

The Sage Apothecary stands as a testament that dreams do come true, and that hard work and staying true to yourself, your purpose and passion does pay off.

Dr. Whitney was finally able to take everything she knew about naturopathic approaches to diet, health and wellness and combine it with almost two decades of experience with cleaner, safer home, beauty and personal care products; plus a few years of researching every aspect of a natural, organic when possible, pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum care (think recovery, nursing support, etc.) – not to mention ALL the cute natural and organic baby goodies and gear! “Green” babies galore!!

Now it’s all under one roof (and maybe someday on this website) so you don’t have to spend hours and years of your life (like she did) driving around to a dozen different shops or shopping online on twenty different sites just to get all the best natural products for you, your kids and your home.

The Sage Apothecary proudly sells only the highest quality, professional lines of supplements and hand selected (usually personally tested) home, beauty, baby and personal care products.

Many companies that we work with are women owned, and or made in the US (some even in Wisconsin!) to support small businesses. The products are organic or as all natural as possible, often eco-friendly or zero-waste, and namely CLEAN and GREEN!

That means ZERO harmful chemicals! Every product is rated a 0-2 on the Environmental Working Group’s site, Skin Deep Cosmetics. There are also NO refined sweeteners of any kind in the grocery items we carry. There is nothing added, refined or harmful in our products, food or supplements. You’d be shocked to see how much sugar, namely cane sugar is found in kids supplements.

The Sage Apothecary is truly a one of a kind natural health boutique – we hope you’ll come and visit us soon!